“While looking for an external partner, trust was a top priority. Leading our organization through major transformation, Rob’s integrity, trust and commitment was clearly obvious as he and his team provided us vision, tools, technology and a pathway to a new Bailey. Our company became positioned for growing at an accelerated pace as a result of their approach.”
-Kevin Bailey, President of Bailey International
Ron Nutt.jpeg
"When Rob told me what he could do with our team, I thought, either this guy is crazy or he is going to do what he says he will. The results were obvious. As the roadmap started every aspect of our business began to change. I spent twenty years of my career leading our company and had never seen it come to life like when we worked with Rob. I referred to his art as, 'the sophistication of simplicity.' He and I had a dream of being able to run the whole global company on a single spreadsheet. We almost did it."
-Dr. Ron Nutt,
CEO of CTI Molecular Imaging
Anthony Stagnolia.jpeg
"2020 was our transformation from a medical device start-up company, to becoming a pharmaceutical drug producer. We had multiple project focused, people and groups spread out in the US. Yes, during the process, the team eliminated or streamlined processes and systems, but most valuable to me is how it has connected the entire company. It's clear there's an Ionetix way of doing business."
- Anthony Stagnolia, COO of Ionetix
Bruce Hartmann.jpeg
"Our business is very complex. A simple approach to significant improvement here would not work. The most powerful thing that Rob's team provided was a structured roadmap that kept all levels of the organization moving forward in the same direction. Every day it got more and more exciting."

- Bruce Hartmann, EVP of E.W. Scripps
David Gensterblum.jpeg
“For us, SLEGO was a perfect solution for our leadership team to prepare everyone in the company for major change. A top priority was to identify who would be our key leaders through our global expansion period and eventual equity buyout.”

-David Gensterblum, President and CEO of Aqua-Chem
Jenny Hitchcock.jpeg
“Preparing 61 medical sites for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementation required a level of teamwork we had never experienced before. The Simulator and SLEGO were a perfect fit to bring together all the admin staff and physician sponsors that were key to our success.”
 -Jenny Hitchcock, COO of Summit Medical 
Matt Kraft.jpeg
"Imagine trying to have 2 million components at the right place and time for one aircraft. We even had dedicated expediting staff in each department at each facility for chasing parts down. In just six months, we had a 96% reduction in material shortages. For us, materials are now an asset and not an obstacle. After our materials problems were solved, producing the Citation X, the world's fastest business jet, soared to new heights."
 -Matt Kraft, Director of Continuous Improvement of Cessna Aircraft
Ron Shriver.jpeg
"A knowledge broker is what we needed. Someone who was competent in bridging gaps in manufacturing, design and also politics. Someone who could bring an entire team together to solve big  problems. Rob took care of us."
-Ron Shriver, VP Operations of Thyssen-Krupp Fabco