Nuclear Medicine

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CTI Molecular Imaging
​A custom roadmap with 4 divisions, 600 employees in 20 months produced a concert of breakthru results in sales, productivity and product innovation. CTIMI market value increased from: $322M to $1.7B. All with the same resources. CTI was then acquired by Siemens Healthcare for global expansion.
CPS Innovations
"When Rob told me what he could do with our team, I thought, either this guy is crazy or he is going to do what he says he will. The results were obvious. As the roadmap started every aspect of our business began to change."
- Dr. Ron Nutt
CEO of CPS Innovations
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Aerospace and Automotive

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Cessna Aircraft
​With thousands of improvements, including a 96% reduction in material shortages, producing the Citation X, the world's fastest business jet, soared to new heights. Leading improvement by example, over a hundred managers were cross-trained then led improvements with 10,000 other employees and suppliers.
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Delta TechOps
TechOps Experiences Major Growth! Improvement with 1,000 certified aircraft professionals produced a 5X increase in revenue and profits through productivity improvement and in-sourcing competitors engines. Becomes #1 in USA
Honda - Anna Engine Plant
A custom designed, dynamic kanban system, resulted in Honda's worst supplier, GDA to become their best with Delivery, Quality and MVP Awards including a Big Top Tent Celebration!
TK Fabco
Collaboration is critical. Facilitated focused customer, supplier teams of engineering, manufacturing and purchasing leaders throughout the SUV supply chain for a design improvement event. $6.1M in annual savings.
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Aqua Chem
How do we bring this entire company together for growth? CEO, Dave Gensterblum, says, "Welcome to SLEGO!"
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Bailey Hydraulics International
Results: 6X increase in sales. Brought back, "Made In USA", with 80% reduction in lead-time. How: 1) Redesign of local and global supply chain and production systems. 2) 54% reduction in product complexity.
Scripps Media
With 37 total products, 400 employees engaged 4x new customers and a 3x acceleration of content development and delivery to produce a 20% increase in net income during a declining market.
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Shaw Industries
Over a 12 month roadmap, the team increased sales by 12% and distribution capacity by 17% while selling off 125 tractor trailers. How: 1) Team developed a proprietary scheduling algorithm. 2) SKU rationalization led to 41% product complexity reduction. Later purchased by Berkshire Hathaway.
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